Friday, August 31, 2007

The revolution will have a sinus infection

I'm not big on conspiracy theories, but it seems pretty much undeniable that the extremely rich are getting extremelyer rich, while the not-extremely-rich are getting, uh, poorer. Also, the number of uninsured people is getting higher and higher, and all Dear Leader can think to say is that people can always go to an emergency room.

We are moving towards a system (if we're not already there) where the wealthy and powerful elite get all the health care they need while the poor and wretched are forced to fend for themselves in the emergency rooms of the world.

Perhaps when Bush and his cohorts begin to relaize that the cooks and busboys are sneezing in their foie gras because they can't get any treatment for their colds and flus, then there will be change.

Or not. Perhaps this is all predicated on the idea that the sick will not be able to revolt against the system because they need bed rest.

Full disclosure: I have a PPO plan and still entertain dreams of actually having enough money someday to benefit from the Bush tax cuts. This still pisses me off.

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