Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mighty Orbots???

I somehow missed these gems of '80s cartoon shows:

There really was a show called Dinosaucers. Somehow, history has mostly forgotten the show...can't imagine why.

I actually remember M.A.S.K., a little bit.

Basically, though, it would appear that everything is a derivative of Battle of the Planets, Transformers, Gobots, and Speed Racer, or some combination thereof. I'm especially amazed they were able to attach a plot to Pole Position.

I'm leaving Jem out on purpose, by the way.

While we're at it, enjoy some '80s commercials as well:

Where do people get these from? VHS tapes generally don't survive that long.

One final question: wouldn't being hit by a giant piece of fruit provoke some reaction other than laughter? I guess I just don't get Bonkers.

This one is just painful to watch...poor George.

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