Monday, August 6, 2007

A new low in creepiness

A Republican Florida state legislator apparently offered oral sex to a large black man in a public park bathroom because he was scared of him and figured that would make him go away. Also, he was only in the bathroom to get out of some bad weather (why he was on foot in a park is not directly explained.) Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast has the money quote:
Scared of black men. Scared of the weather. Scared of their own shadows. That's your tough-guy Republican party for you.


mikey said...

Because, obviously, when confronted by intimidating black men, the first thing you should do is offer a blowjob. Make sure to tell your children this.

Honestly, does anyone actually believe his lameass excuse?

cryptic_philosopher said...

Actually, this may have quite an impact on lowering the crime rate in many demographic sectors--okay, mainly among potential crime victims who look like this guy.

I do not recommend offering blow jobs as a way of getting out of being mugged if you are anything other than a doughy Republican politician.