Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sweet, sweet meltdown

A quick note about Ann Coulter's total meltdown on Joe Scarborough's show--it must really suck to have to constantly explain yourself to the very people you insult and mock on paper. Not that I expected anything better from her, but she has raised cowardice to a new height. To mock a bereaved mother and then act aggrieved when that mother has the gall to politely ask her to stop. I feel so sorry for Ann, because one day she will realize what a truly horrible waste of a human being she is, and there will be no one left who cares by then.

I have many more thoughts that I will share later today, but to quickly summarize, on the miniscule chance Ann reads this: you are a coward and a pitiful excuse for a human being, and in your heart you know that.

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