Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hey, remember when "bad" actually meant "good"?

I just forced myself to actually sit through the MTV Movie Awards, thinking there would be some funny movie spoofs, like in past years. Instead, I basically got a 2+ hour commercial for "Transformers: The Less-Animated Movie than the 1985 version (hopefully with less cheesy music)."

Leaving aside how sucky the Transformers movie is likely to be (although there's at least one scene I'm enjoying) and how excited I nevertheless am to see it despite the massive cultural guilt trip I will doubtless go through 10 seconds after the movie ends, I have a question about something Shia LaBoof (not even gonna try to spell it) said when accepting some award: "The movie's gonna be sick."

I guess I'm showing my un-hip age, but why is "sick" a good thing? For me it conjures images of phlegm and vomit, among other things. The Wiktionary entry for the word really didn't help much, as it gave one possible definition as "(slang: excellent): cool, rad, wicked."

Have I finally been completely passsed over by the younger generation (I'm 32, which ain't that old), such that I will no longer be able to understand anything said by anyone born after, say, 1980? Or is something more sinister at work here???

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