Thursday, June 14, 2007

So obvious, it just ain't funny.

Humor is a difficult art--oftentimes it involves merely pointing out the truth of things in an unusual way. Last night marked the final actual premiere of "Lil' Bush" on Comedy Central, where the prgramming is usually funny. Displaying W. and his cronies as a gang of playful scamps seems somehow...I don't know...really frickin' disrespectful to everything that has gone wrong in the world over the past six years, as well as not funny. Plus, portraying Cheney as an incoherent eater of live chickens (his speech is somewhere between Kenny and Boomhauer) might be taken as a compliment by the man himself at this point. Actually, the character reminds me a bit of Non from Superman 2 (Geek Hall of Fame!) Anyway, here's a clip--admittedly, I stopped paying attention about halfway through (I think at the point when the elderly Barbara Bush seduces a prepubescent Cheney):

Is this the level to which our culture has sunk? Far be it for me to criticize lowbrow humor, for I usually love it so. I give this show about two more episodes--it's not even as good as Comedy Central's predecessor show.

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