Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Payback's a bitch

You know, I usually hold with the maxim that what's reprehensible for the goose is reprehensible for the gander, but the whining coming out of right-wing circles about the new Democrat plan for the House, I must admit, makes me smile. See, now that the Dems are coming into power, all those poor downtrodden Repubs want us to know how poor and downtrodden they are. Oh, the horror! Hear the hew and cry! Mourn for the poor Republicans who must now endure what they dished out for so long! See, Repubs can say one thing and do another, but they can't abide any slight deviation from the exact wording of whatever Nancy Pelosi originally said about whatever.

That said, I give the Democrats until February or so to do as many victory dances as they want, then they damn well better start getting something done. Of course, it would be easier for them to "get something done" if they do exactly what Bush tells them to do. Ah, to live in interesting times...

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