Sunday, January 28, 2007

I'm already tired of making jokes

The Blog Larry Gelbart: One From the Spleen The Huffington Post

Since it's easier to link to other people's writing than to come up with an entirely original piece of writing, I will let Larry Gelbart express my feeling about presidential jokes:

He has the flexibility of an I-beam combined with the IQ of a houseplant, and I am finding it increasingly difficult to keep shaking my tiny little fist, employing whatever is left of my wits and my wit to point out that not only is the emperor naked, but that his new clothes come with two pair of pants.


Writing jokes about him has become far too easy. This messianic miscreant is much too convenient a straight line -- a line that is surely leading him -- a whole lot of dutifully blogging stragglers in tow -- even further into a hell which we all stood by and watched him create, while we continued to fire our funny bullets at him.

I suppose I should note, for my part, that "funny bullets" is purely metaphorical.

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