Sunday, May 6, 2007

Good thing I didn't see this in 2004...

...or I might be a Kiwi by now:
Every week, successful Americans are making the decision to sell up, pack up and move out to a small nation in the South Pacific. Why?

Try freedom, a more relaxed pace and a new life in a land abounding with fresh and exciting opportunities and possibilities. And you’d be on the right track. Those who’ve experienced New Zealand tend to agree that it is one of the friendliest nations under the sun. It has a population of just over four million and one-third of the country is protected by national parks; but that doesn’t leave this small yet diverse nation without sophistication.
I reached this site through a banner ad.

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Catherine said...

Left out of article:
However, be prepared to shell out $600,000US for a one bedroom shack, thanks to Lord of the Rings and the fact the UK can't escape to NZ fast enough either.