Monday, February 26, 2007

Intel Building demolition - WHEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

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The Intel Building at 5th & San Antonio, long the blight of the Austin downtown skline, finally went away Sunday morning, sort of. The demolition wasn't quite as complete as we onlookers had expected, although it apparently went exactly as planned, and it drew some disquieting comparisons to 9/11 from some in attendance. Of course, everyone there had their cameras at the ready. Here's my footage, complete with excessive commentary:

Of course, it wouldn't be a public event in Austin without 9/11 conspiracy nuts. Somebody (I didn't get a picture) was waving a sign with something about Googling WTC7 on it. Sigh.

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Sal Costello said...


Austin Mayor Kirk Watson’s (now Sen. Kirk Watson) back door deal with Intel cost city taxpayers $7.5 million in subsidies after they left us with the “Intel shell” eye sore (That deal should be a reminder of how Watson’s deals with special interests always costs the citizens more).

Watson’s City of Austin Prop 1, of the year 2000, diverted a whopping $67.2 million of our bond dollars, intended for free roads, into toll roads.

And, today tricky Sen. Watson is pushing Managed Lanes, a fancy way to say toll roads without using the “T” word.