Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Condoleeza Rice thinks you are stupid

I'm not going to bother to reprint any of her argument from Fox News yesterday. My opinion of those who try to compare the current war situation to World War II should be clear by now (ignorant, indefensible, and akin to slime mold).

Secretary Rice may have hit a new low by essentially reversing history and suggesting that we should not have used force...wiat, we should have used force but not rebuilt...uhh...shit, I can't make heads or tails of anything she said. You owe it to yourself to watch what Keith Olbermann had to say.

Seriously, watch it.

Don't come back until you've watched it.

This is more like old school SportsCenter Keith, not new stodgy Keith.

OK, hopefully you've watched it by now. I'm too pissed off to write much more. Let me just ask a (presumably rhetorical) question: if Iraq is so comparable to WWII, why are we throwing so few resources at it, where are all the calls for sacrifice, and so forth? We kicked Hitler's ass after throwing everything we had into the fight, and then we threw even more into rebuilding the place. You can't save the world on the cheap.

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