Thursday, April 26, 2007


Just go look at this. If you think it's either (a) intentionally funny or (b) even remotely insightful, please let me know why.


tODD said...

I think it's insightful.

It shows her keen insight regarding her largely male, weenie-ish audience (that is, the internet), and her marketing to them with respect to her being (relatively) attractive. I haven't read the comments where this was originally posted (that would be, but I'm betting that there will be no shortage of comments about how cute she is in that short skirt and pigtails, and probably a few about how ugly liberal women are.

It seems sexist for me to say such things, but it also seems to me that most conservative female pundits are (or are perceived to be) attractive (at least by conservatives). Just saying.

As to the content of the video, that's Malkin for you.

tODD said...

Ooh, I think I win! (Not that it took any great amount of insight on my part, but still...)

"Hmm. Michelle. In a cheerleader outfit. What were you saying again?"

"That’s hot."

"Umm Michelle in a cheerleaders outfit. My day could not have started any better."


"Someone get me a bib quick!"

"We are reminded again who is the Hot in Hotair….Go Team!"

"Hello little school girl. Would you like some candy?"

"WOW! Oh, sorry. Now I have to go back and watch it again to see what you said."

"Obligitory Michelle is hot comment #3."

"Primo idea! Michelle, MKH, and Bethany in cheeleader outfits rooting for ... Well, who cares what they root for."

"Thanks, Michelle. As if I didn’t already have enough complexes."

"The only way that video could be sexier is by having MKH cheering with Michelle..."

"wow i dont know how to quote. i tried to quote: Obligitory Michelle is hot comment #3."

"Ditto; something very Freudian here ..."

"…and we’ll definitely need to see the out-takes on this one."

"Hubba hubba."

"for Michelles husband dude man I’m sorry its gotta be rough start drinking early."

"That was a great Ve t che e. C d t ave bee re target. Sorry, back to typing with both hands." [Ooh, well that's classy!]

"*** Obligatory “Michelle is Hot” comment #4, or 5, or 6, or whatever *** (If there were a blinking text tag for comments, I’d use it here)."

"I can only imagine the crude comments targeting Michelle by the left that will be generated by this video." [Oh yes, the crude comments by the left ... one can only imagine ...]

"Michelle….in a cheerleader suit. SMOKIN!"

"I just noticed something… Wehave Michelle on our side... The left has Rosie. We win." [Phew. I thought nobody was going to make this incredibly valid point.]

"There is the medium and then there is the message. In this instance, the medium was much more ... er ... effective. For all the most prurient reasons. There, I said it."

"There’s no bigger HotAir fan around here than me, but let me break from the pack and say aside from Michelle’s attractiveness, this was a weak Vent." [You sir, are as bad a traitor as Harry Reid!]

"I have to agree with RightWinged - this vent was low on information, and even low on good solid snark. It was short, it was single-issue and practically single-minute. On the other hand, it was high on bouncy cheerleader, and that makes up for a lot. Maybe this is one of those marketing experiments. Testing the audience to see how they react. Or, maybe it was just baiting the LLLs to see what kind of racist misogynistic crap they’ll come up with THIS time." [Hmm ... almost insightful. Also a traitor.]

"Oh, quit your furrowed brow introspection. It was fun - it was true. Good grief, some of you guys wouldn’t be happy unless it was William F. Buckley himself in a cheerleaders skirt. And that thought scares me..."

"Need a volunteer stage hand?"

"Two words: Swimsuit. Calender."

"'Hubba hubba.' Ditto."

"Am I a loser for watching this so many times." [If you have to ask ...]

"Anyway, while worthy of many replays, I’d liked to have had some more substance in today’s Vent. ... Or at least some lingering closeups. I wonder which is scarier to Michelle. Left-wing Moonbat stalkers and threats or adoring Right-wing pervs like me." [Well, she relies on both, feeding the former to the latter, see?]

"Hmmmmm. I liked the pigtails but I’d like to see shorter skirts on my cheerleaders."

"I think on occasion it’s great to just kick back and have some fun with the news instead of being serious all the time, but I wasn’t exactly a fan of this Vent either. It honestly seemed like an excuse for Michelle to wear a cheerleading outfit for her male fans. Michelle is uber hot, but doesn’t need to prove it - after all, she still was smokin’ in her baggy threads when she went to Iraq." [Obviously has sexual dysfunction.]

"Wow!! And I agree with the message… whatever it was..."

"First of all, they can’t stand her because she is strong, beautiful, intelligent and mentally stable - which none of them are. Second, they only pick on women who are size 0. They think they stand a chance. Little do they realize that she would still kick their a$$es."

"I’m a bad man, a very baaaaad man. This didn’t help…."

"By the way, did you see that “hottie” in the little cheer leader outfit….. GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRROOOOOOOOWWWWWWWLLLLLL… {with respect to your husband, MM}"

"I need to take a shower now."

"This vent isn’t the first in which men have soaked our keyboards in drool at the sight of Michelle, and I hope it won’t be our last. Maybe a few object on the grounds that seeing Michelle dressed, uh, appealingly, prompts some men to bad behavior, but I think that the benefit of memory retention outweighs that problem. To the extent that wardrobe and props make the message a lasting memory, I say go for it."

"Cute Vent - nice “pom-poms” as it were. ;-)"

"Cheerleader + pigtails = I’ll say no more."

"hey, that needed an NSFW designation. it’s been a while since I’ve been around; my desk at my new job is a lot more visible; but it’s a good thing I watched this at home; I nearly drooled on my keyboard"

"(Who’d have thought that 150,000 guys’ wishes could actually come true just by wishing it?)"

"Look great Michelle. :)"

"'It honestly seemed like an excuse for Michelle to wear a cheerleading outfit for her male fans.' And what exactly is wrong with that? Are the answers to the great questions of the day diminished if they come delivered in a cheerleading outfit? Or maybe a French maid’s outfit? Or maybe as a naughty nurse? What was the subject again?"

cryptic_philosopher said...

Hmmm, right you are tODD (it happens occasionally :p) There is insight as to her self-marketing strategy, and compared to most female conservative blowhards, she is pretty hot (but she's no Schlafly...) I guess I was looking for political insight, but such is my quixotic burden...