Saturday, March 3, 2007

Worst pick-up line ever???

I still don't quite get the nature of the controversy--perhaps there's just a limit to how much prurient exploitation our culture is willing to accept (dissing your singing is fine, but racy photos, no matter how private, maybe ain't)--but it is a controvery nonetheless. Now Glenn Beck takes the opportunity to hit on a cute journalist (who has never posed for racy photos and is at least somewhat of a professional, I might add):

That may be the most uncomfortable silence I've seen in some time.

Apparently he's done this before, too.

There has been some backlash, but I can only begin to imagine the chilling effect this will have on people's ability to take racy pictures of themselves. What are digital cameras for, anyway?

Seriously, though, Glenn, if you want to take racy pictures of a girl, there are places you could find them. Just saying.

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