Saturday, March 31, 2007

Chocolate salty Jesus

Please please please PLEASE someone tell me this guy does not speak for the majority of Christians out there (I'm referring to Bill Donohue, of course). I almost feel sorry for Donohue in the clip of him on Anderson Cooper--he can't seem to get the artist, Cosmo Cavallaro, to sink to his level. "You're talking like a 5-year old."

The artist has a right to create art as he sees fit, and Donohue has a right to make an ass of himself. I have a right to wonder why on earth someone would want to make a Jesus out of chocolate and why someone would think it is somehow blasphemous. I mean, leaving aside issues of free speech and such, what is the big deal here? Is it the chocolate? What's wrong with chocolate? Is it that he's nude and anatomically correct? I can't quite figure it out (I also haven't been to church lately, so maybe they've changed some things.) I know that we're supposed to be ashamed of our genitalia, so it could stand to reason that we should pretend Jesus didn't have any. I don't recall a Biblical proscription on chocolate--had it even been invented when Leviticus was written? Anyway, Donohue is a dick.

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