Sunday, October 14, 2007

A voice of reason on the animal shelter "debate"

Here's John Kelso on the city's animal shelter "debate":
[I]f you can't put up with the hassle of driving a few miles out to heck and gone to find the dog pound, you probably shouldn't be allowed to take a dog.
Yes, he's being sardonic, but he has a point. I am a bit confused by the public outcry going on now about the plan to move the city's animal shelter (yes, technically it's a pound, but I don't like that word) to a new location in east Austin, away from its present location next to Town Lake (hence the name "Town Lake Animal Center"). There seem to be reasonable arguments for and against the plan, but the city (i.e. the voters) already voted on it last November (although, to be fair, the animal shelter is the last thing listed on the last of seven propositions--volunteers at the shelter worried that the proposition wouldn't pass because of this hidden placement).

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