Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The sad right-wing legacy

I'd been thinking about what to write regarding the sad--pathetic, really--legacy of the past six years, and what it might mean for America moving forward. Thanks to the Smirking Chimp (great name, BTW), I can just second what he said:
Hypocritical homophobia and equally disingenuous Clinton-bashing. That seems to be the remaining platform of the Republican Party. They can no longer claim to be fiscally responsible, strong on defense, or more committed to the family values they've used as an ongoing wedge issue, so they are reduced to these two weak and twisted arrows in their near empty quiver: Democrats are sissies, and Bill Clinton was worse than our guy.

What a powerful case. Though the American public bought this bill of goods for far too long, it should come as no surprise that we're not buying it any longer.

But that's all the right has left.
Everything boils down to a cry of "we are manly men" and "whatever we've done, Clinton was worse." Not much of a way to lead a nation. We can do better, and I hope we will.

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