Friday, July 13, 2007

As if being in prison weren't bad enough

Check this out:
Red-faced officials at the scandal-racked Texas Youth Commission on Thursday canceled the release on parole of more than 150 teenage offenders after discovering that many had served little time on their sentences for serious violent crimes such as murder, aggravated sexual assault, aggravated robbery and aggravated kidnapping.

They also announced a top-to-bottom review of their parole criteria as a result.
While that must really suck on a personal level for the 150 kids who won't be getting out of prison after all, it must really suck for TYC, who has been having a bad run of late anyway. If it weren't so disturbing, it might be funny:
One youth on the recent list had been sentenced to 40 years in the knife slaying of a classmate, who was stabbed 15 times. He had served less than three before the agency recommended his release.

Another, serving time for molesting six children, was recommended for release even though he had numerous write-ups in youth prisons for indecent exposure and for possessing a weapon. One was a sex offender who assaulted a Youth Commission employee about a year earlier.

Two of those recommended for parole were escapees who are still at large.
That is correct--TYC recommended parole of two individuals who had escaped and are still at large. If you ask me (I know you didn't), the Legislature (whenever they're around again) should either eliminate the entire agency and start over, or bring in someone to boost TYC's motivation. Just a thought.

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