Saturday, February 9, 2008

It's hard out here for a pimp

Rich dudes on business trips beware--Dallas women may drug and rob you:
Well-dressed men at posh Dallas hotels and bars are being targeted by a ring of flirtatious women who may be drugging them before swiping their watches and other expensive items, police said.

One man was injured when he was beaten, possibly by a high-heeled shoe, police said. Another lost his wallet while in his car with his pants around his ankles.


The stylish W hotel in downtown Dallas is among the places where the scheme is said to have been run. Authorities said the women knew what they were looking for; several of the victims wore Rolex watches.

In one case, police said a 37-year-old Tampa, Fla., executive lost his iPod, laptop and $4,000 watch after accepting a beer from one of the women.

The women may be slipping drugs into the drinks of their victims, police said.

In addition to business travellers, Dallas police "suspect there are others too embarrassed to file police reports." Way to take all the fun out of hotel bars.

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