Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Today in douchebaggery

An out-of-control high school party makes international news, somehow.
Otherwise known as total douchebag Corey Worthington Delaney of Melbourne, Australia—a 16-year-old idiot who threw a party while his parents were on holiday that raged so out of control it has made international headlines: "More than 500 people turned up [the] house in Melbourne and police were called when neighbours complained about the noise. Some of the revelers went on a rampage and police cars were pelted with glass bottles while nearby houses and gardens were vandalised. No one was arrested but at least 30 officers, a helicopter and the dog squad were needed to break the party up."
Shakesville has the complete transcript of the interview with the kid, who is, in fact, a douchebag. I also wouldn't be surprised if he has bumper balls.

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