Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The gauntlet is down

My views on Elizabeth Kucinich have been challenged yet again, this time in reference to Fred Thompson's wife, Jeri Kehn, seen here:

She certainly is a looker, and I like the way she pisses off Joe Scarborough, but I don't know...

Maybe it's my irrational predilection for redheads, but I still gotta go with Mrs. Kucinich. Here's the other factor: Fred Thompson is a movie star. An old, excessively jowly movie star, but a movie star nonetheless, and chicks dig movie stars. And also musicians. The same can't necessarily be said for politicians.

I also like how Elizabeth Kucinich seems to be freaking out Fox News. Heck, she even has Wonkette a little freaked.

So here's the score as I see it: Tall movie star with hot wife - not sich a big deal. Short, vegan politician polling at around 0% with hot wife - my hero.